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Hello, I know this is an old thread but I am hoping someone is still looking at it. Last May, after an upper respiratory illness, I started having what I thought were episodes of motion sickness. 8 months and $25,000 in med charges later, I am still not well and don't have a diagnosis. My "episodes" are now waves of pressure rising and lowering in my head almost constantly and sometimes for an added bonus I walk with a drunk stagger, and since everything else has been ruled out (MRI normal, CT normal, ears normal, ENG normal, not vertigo, not meniers, not aied, etc. ) they are guessing Vestibular Migraines. They started me on Topamax 2 weeks ago and no improvement yet. Can someone please give me something to go on? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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Welcome, @2young460. I'm confident that members @nrd1 @jenniferhunter @erin38 @uldiver @klhe to offer their experiences with vestibular migraines with you. Because you mention upper respiratory illness, I'm also going to tag @sueinmn on this discussion as she has experience with both lung conditions and vestibular issues.

Hello my name is Michelle, I also have suffered migraines since 2005, my family physician put me on Rizatriptan Benzoate 10mg and it really has made a huge difference on my Migraines, before I would have to leave work and be in bed up to 2 days, I can take up to 3 between 3 hours apart, one tablet usually dose the trick and not in bed sick and in huge pain for 2 days. I sure hopes this helps you!!