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Good Morning.
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July of 2022. I am 50 years old. PSA levels of 39 and Gleason scores of 4+3 in a few spots of my prostate. But luckily, no evidence of it spreading outside of my prostate. Been through internal radiation treatment, followed by external radiation for 5 weeks, and 2 of the 3 month hormone therapy injections. I have 2 months left of the last hormone injection in my system. How long, if ever, should it take to get my libido back? This last shot just flat shut it down 100%.

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My libido stopped with the beginning of treatment. Hasn’t returned yet-12 years. Yours was caught pretty early and if they feel it has been strongly contained, they may take you off treatment and then it may return. I hear that from other people.

I was told it would take the number of months that I was on the ADT treatment. I was on treatment for 18 months and libido came back in about 18 months after the ADT treatment was over.

I was on ADT for 18 months, some data indicates 20% of men do not lose their libido while on ADT, I was part of that 20%, sigh, of course my testicle and penis shrunk to their pre-pubescent days and I'm in a sexless marriage, so... My last 90 day shot was May 18, by October 18 my T (which had been <7 while on Lupron) recovered to 135 and by Feb 19, was at 482.

There are a number of factors which affect recovery T, one I have read about is exercise. I have always exercised and been active, 5-7 times a week, elliptical, indoor and outdoor bike, weights, basketball, swimming, hiking, skiing. Did that play into my recovery, well as they say, study of one but that's my story!

I went about 6 to 8 months after the 1st injection it was to last about 6 months, only had one injection

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Word on the street is, however long you were on the lupron is how long you will wait to see your libido returning. I demanded testosterone level testing when I was due for PSA testing. I knew my testosterone was at 328 prior to lupron and radiation, and am now at 309 (low end of the scale). The prevailing theory of modern medicine is high testosterone levels contribute to the development of PC. That worm is slowly turning to suggest higher levels of testosterone can decrease the chances of getting PC. Ask yourself, how many 20-year-old men do you know who have PC? These young men have high testosterone levels that are through the roof, but it's the old guys with "low-T" who get the PC. I will be considering testosterone injections in the future.