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Peripheral neuropathy Pain caused by Vasculitis

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Thanks for the advice. I have a referral for autonomic neurology but the appointment desk says their waitlist is out till May! Originally the Mayo long COVID MD cancelled my referral as she likely assessed waiting this long would have adverse effects on my care. But the consult is reactivated. My local PT discharged me as "the symptoms worsened, and it would be inappropriate to get more PT and that I should get further MD care". My local neurologist has referred me to Mayo neurology. Having physical disability for that long can start a whole set of new problems in itself. I am out of work for 8 months now (on leave...unsure when that turns into no job) . I have 3 minor children that are suffering this disability with me. Is there a way someone can see what the clinical and socioeconomic implications of the 5 months wait list is to my case and help me get a more appropriate timely appointment?

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I am coming to you for your excellent clinical expertise...but good clinical care goes beyond the time spent with MD in my opinion and I want to believe that if someone just took a little extra time to look at my case and see what I am saying I am sure they would see the need for timely care. I appreciate your attention to this. Thank you in advance!

@patel, I agree with you that socioeconomic implications and long wait times also factor into health outcomes. When communicating with the appointment office and/or the neurology department, you may wish to submit the information you shared with me. If you have an appointment, inquire about cancellations and the checker system. I truly hope that you can get seen sooner.

- How does the Checker process work at Mayo Clinic? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/checker-process/