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Distilled water

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Jan 9, 2023 | Replies (19)

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Well, distilled water is sterile as it comes out of the distiller. If you place it in sterilized bottles or jars & keep it tightly closed, it will remain sterile. If you simply wash the containers, they are not sterile so the water COULD become contaminated.

I know that there are organizations that recommend using only sterilized water, but my home water has no mycobacteria, and I do not have GERD (reflux) so I choose to skip this process. But I do sterilize my breathing equipment in boiling water weekly, because I figure it could get contaminated by touching & from the air.

Has someone suggested to you that distilling water is not enogh?

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How did you test your home? I have so many questions about what steps I need to take in my environment as I have just been diagnosed with MAC.
I was diagnosed bronchiectasis in 2015, but not tested for MAC until now. My pulmonologist is recommending the antibiotic treatment, but I am uncertain, because my CT scan hasn't changed much in 5 1/2 years. My cough had gotten quite bad, but after taking an antibiotic for H-influenza, I am back to my normal level of coughing, which is not unbearable. I am being more vigilant about airway clearing which is also helpful. Whether to treat or not is my biggest question, but either way, what changes do I need to make in life style to keep exposure risk down?
I've been reading a lot of posts, by the way, and am so appreciative of all this information. Thank you!

How can I get my home water checked for mycobacteria? What is the best way to sterilize glass jars or bottles for reuse on bottled water ( if simply washing is not enough). Also, after I boil the equipment do I lay it uncovered to dry and then place in a closed container (new to all of this and just want to do it correctly)? Any info is extremely helpful.

Dr. Falkinham , an NTM water specialist, says distilled water is not sterile. Because as Sue said, the equipment isn’t sterile. However, one would think it has fewer NTM than tap water.