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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Hi JimmyMac –

We have 58 people in there now as Erin from this Mayo site joined up with us last week and I added her to it. We are on Facebook and a SM/MP medical group. It’s a closed/secret group so we can all talk and discuss freely about meds, pain, bowel issues, support, venting, laughter, etc. One of my daughter’s docs is in our group as well. My kiddo is currently back in patient on Saturday and still in unfortunately. My name is Lisa Schwart and I am on Facebook, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you give me your full name as well and City I can find you and add you as a friend. You aren’t able to “search” the SM group as we have it locked down specifically for everyone’s privacy. I’ve been putting together a database for each person with their doc names in each state etc as a resource for everyone as well! 🙂


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Brandy Adair
Mesa, Az
Please add me to this group as I was just diagnosed via CT scan last sunday!

Hi Lisa my name is Angelia Sanders from Marysville MI. I was diagnosed with messentric panniculitis March of 2017 and an still suffering from flair ups. Please add me to your Facebook group.

Was just diagnosed March 15th, I'm in Belton, Mo–KC Area

Hi there, could you add me? I just had a laparoscopy done last week to diagnose endometriosis. On the report, I saw Sclerosing Mesenteritis as one of the diagnoses… I’m so confused what this is and would love to hear from others. Thank you!