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Metoprolol post CABG

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Hi @jbhook
So this is a confusing mess! So sorry! My husband and I both take Metoprolol since our surgeries- I take the tartrate and he takes the Succinate. I take twice a day- and he actually switched because like you he was on the 25mg dose but had to cut the pill in half. Anyway, I recommend you monitor your blood pressure and hr at least daily for about a week. If on your dose(12.5) it is running normal and not high, then you can call your cardiologist explain you were finishing this prescription and you have some concerns bc your blood pressure is already normal, switching to a higher dose. If you find that your hr and bp are running on the higher side on your dose (12.5) that maybe the reason he increased the dose? But whatever reason, even if it was misunderstanding on his part- this may give you a reason to question the dose again without sounding redundant. I would also monitor your bp and hr initially if you choose to increase your dose. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!!!
Jeane Abbas

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Thank you for the reply. Curiously enough, my HR on 12.5 mg 2x a day Tartrate is onthe low side. Resting is in the 50s……….even dipping into the 40s. THis causes me no issues…….but I feel that is about as low as it should go: another reason the switch to 50 mg Succinate seems like not the way to go.
Also, BP, meassured for 5 weeks daily at my cardio rehab, was usually in the 110/70 range.

Again, thanks for your reply.