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Visitor etiquette for NETs patient

Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) | Last Active: Dec 20, 2022 | Replies (9)

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Hmmmm, are we talking about the very same person? Lol . Yes, they enabled him, and still do. I understand some of it as he had issues when he came back from Iraq, but I also understand some people saw all of his ways forming well ahead of that. My partner owns a trucking company and he has been sticking his nose into that also, he feels he’s entitled to everything and anything. I did put my foot down the other day when he announced he was coming to spend several hours on the layout because according to him he’s more creative than I am. We have a n-scale train layout that weaves its way through the basement. It’s only been a full day that he has not shown up so we will see.

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WOW! It is the same person….. the good news is, they can't torture us both at the same time can they??? Haha…….Yes, the sense of entitlement! But I made EVERYONE take off shoes wash hands, mask up. It's your home! We just don't want him coming over because he also steals. So all meds are hidden! But of course he always "has to go to the bathroom and could he use our bathroom, it's more private" I should say yes, but if you are looking for drugs, you will have to poop in the closet…….I would follow him around, do what you have to do! Make him wear gloves or follow him with sanitizing wipes. I would make him feel uncomfortable?? Your health is first! Catching a cold can be hazardous, so get your partner on the same page and stop it. If your partner works with you, it won't seem like you are ganging up on him. And you can always start to feel sick when he is on his way over and ask your partner to make it a quick visit. If you keep putti g your foot down, it get's uncomfortable to be at your house……..You come first, you are in the boxing ring with Tyson, but the stakes are bigger, it's your health. Everyone should understand and pitch in! Stay in touch? XOXO Joni