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Visitor etiquette for NETs patient

Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) | Last Active: Dec 20, 2022 | Replies (9)

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It sounds as if he has an issue with everyone….. Do the mask mandatory to enter home, shoes off, right to the sink to wash and sanitize hands. My husband now has cancer and I make people do that. It sounds as though he pushes your buttons, so I would push back. EVERYTHING he touches, as soon as he puts it down, pick it up and use a sanitizing wipe on it. Make sure your partner is on board with you. I would question what he says and try to find fault or prove him wrong. It will work if you have the strength to do it. I did this with a family member. He talks down to everyone. An addict who has been enabled his whole life. He was saying something about a big job his "business" was doing, but spoke down to us because we don't understand business. He has Quickbooks, this makes him a big bad business owner… he finally said well if you want the truth, I'm making $24,000 on the job, I was supposed to be blown away and very impressed. I laughed and said that's f-ing chump change and just kept going, cut him off when he spoke, put him down and spoke over him, used words he does not understand. He asked me what we got for our house, none of his business, but he said what did you "net"? That means after everything is paid. So I said, well this is what we paid for the house, 5% mtg. amortize it over ten years and do the subtraction, now times that # by 4 and that's what we "netted" He no longer comes by……sorry so long winded!

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Hmmmm, are we talking about the very same person? Lol . Yes, they enabled him, and still do. I understand some of it as he had issues when he came back from Iraq, but I also understand some people saw all of his ways forming well ahead of that. My partner owns a trucking company and he has been sticking his nose into that also, he feels he’s entitled to everything and anything. I did put my foot down the other day when he announced he was coming to spend several hours on the layout because according to him he’s more creative than I am. We have a n-scale train layout that weaves its way through the basement. It’s only been a full day that he has not shown up so we will see.