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Welcome to the NETs Group! Come say hi.

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Hello..I am 29 yr old boy from India diagoned with net tumor in small bowel and in metastatic net tumor in 70 percent liver.but my liver works well as per LFT result..i have symptoms of gas stomach pain vomiting..face become red, breathlessness ,dizziness and weakness while walking. 1.5 cm tumor small bowel is removed by surgery and currently I m recovering..can u plz advised what will be best treatment for my liver..chemo or nuclear medicine.

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Hello @mukul123 and welcome to Mayo Connect. I see that you are looking for direction for treating your NETs. I understand you wanting to find the best treatment. Mayo Connect is a patient-to-patient support group but we are not medical professionals. If you would like to get a professional opinion from a Mayo doctor, I recommend that you contact Mayo Clinic for an appointment. Here is a link where you can get information on obtaining an appointment: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

If you look at some of the discussions in this group, you will see that there are now many treatments for NETs.
—PRRT, chemotherapyhttps://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/prrt/
–Liver Debulking
I would like to invite some Connect members who also have NETs, like @dbamos1945, @patrick031621, and @jenntx10, who have had treatments for NETs.

Have you had surgery for surgery for the NET in the small bowel? What plan of treatment are your doctors suggesting?