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Wow Jrhamp, thanks for this details of how Proton Beam was performed 10 years ago. It has changed dramatically, especially the length of treatment, now 5 treatments over a 2 week period. No balloon either, in fact nothing intrusive once the 4 carbon markers are inserted into prostate gland.

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Science is great. Loma Linda was as I understand it was a pioneer in proton radiation therapy..If I recall correctly, it was 1993 or so the multi-million dollar "machine" was built.

My last day there..a "brotherhood of balloon" kind of get together..there were nearly 100 people in a audience who went thru the process. The moderator began by asking.."who had a PSA over 200?" Two hands went up..then finally down to "who has PSA over 20?" and most of the rest of the men there raised their hands. All raised their hands when asked if their PSA was under one (1). Many lives were saved. I might add..just after treatment, I went to Uganda to train a select battalion of Ugandan soldiers who were headed to Somalia. That was the last of my deployments both as US Army Officer and DOD contractor. Happy Holidays..

@jb2buckwater Did you not get the SPACEOAR inserted?

Wow, only 5 treatments over 2-weeks? I am looking into Proton as a potential prostate cancer treatment, but we've been told it's 28-39 treatments over 6-8 weeks. I'd like to know the details of your treatment plan if you'd share them...?
Thank you!