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Hello @susan159,

I can really understand you wanting to connect with others who have had this procedure. While we wait for others to respond to your question, I found some information about this chemotherapy pump on The Duke Health website. Here is the link,

https://www.dukehealth.org/blog/chemotherapy-pump-helps-people-metastatic-liver-cancer-live-longer In this article it mentions the promising results.

You mention that you will need to travel in order to have this procedure. Will you have a traveling companion to go with you? What are your main concerns right now?

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Yes, my husband will travel with me. Although one of my fears is that he will not be able to be with me for appts and surgery because of Covid/RSV/Flu restrictions. It's going to be a pretty big surgery: Colon, part of my liver, gall bladder, and pump insertion all in one surgery is what I've been told. The thought of being in a big strange hospital recovering without any support of family and friends is upsetting to say the least. I hate the thought of recovering so far from home in a hotel/extended stay suite or whatever. These will all be new, strange doctors to me. But I'm sure that my biggest fear is that I'm going to go through all of this and still not have a positive outcome. It's pretty scary. I don't know all the details, but the think the plan is that the HAI pump will eventually shrink my tumors enough to resect them one part of my liver at a time. I really don't know how many surgeries we would be talking about. I have 10 tumors in my liver in all different parts. Until I make the trip and meet the doctors I won't really know what they are thinking.