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The staff dietician visited me during one of my chemotherapy infusions. She had a great diet plan already mapped out, just not for me. Apparently reading my medical record and seeing my allergies did not occur to her. I mentioned that I could only eat about 10% of the food on the plan, she said she would get back to me and never did. Last year I had another health issue, I tele-visited another hospital with yet another registered dietician and I did see her multiple times to my detriment. This last visit was about the 5th in 20 years, for different issues. I am too out of the box for most apparently, and the right one is out there, my patience is wanting, at this point. Sorry, that this is not a glowing review of capabilities, this is not a comment on the person.

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My husband had the same experience with RD's – both at the local cancer infusion center and at the hospital post pancreatic cancer surgery. He had a pancreatectomy (leaving him a surgically induced Type1 diabetic) as well as his gall bladder, spleen, and 50% of his stomach removed in Aug. 2022. He's had many post surgical complications, but after the required last 4 "clean up" chemos since surgery, he's recovering ok. None of the dieticians he's spoken with have been able to provide an acceptable diet for his surgical status AND Type 1. He's managing with a continous glucose monitor and insulin injections, but I absolutely KNOW he should be managing with diet too. When your digestive system has been "re-plumbed", the average Type1 diet just doesn't work! Like you, my patience is waning with trying to find the "right" RD who can actually help. I agree, s/he has to be out there, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It can be challenging when you have food allergies and/or intolerances. I am sorry your experiences did not go the way you would have liked. It can be helpful to track your typical intake for a few days prior to a visit to provide more information about what foods you are able to eat and provide this information at your visit. I hope you can find a dietitian who is able to help you.