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eileenb1022 (@eileenb1022)

What does my Gastrin levels mean?

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Here’s some information about gastrin levels from Mayo Clinic:
"While elevated gastrin may indicate tumors in your pancreas or duodenum, it also can be caused by other conditions. For example, gastrin may also be elevated if your stomach isn't making acid, or you're taking acid-reducing medications, such as proton pump inhibitors. Because gastrin levels can fluctuate, this test may be repeated a few times.” https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/zollinger-ellison-syndrome/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20379046

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Eileen, I can understand why you are stressed, especially as you got this information just as the weekend was beginning. Do you take a PPI (proton pump inhibitor)?

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Replies to "@eileenb1022 and @rozy288 Here’s some information about gastrin levels from Mayo Clinic: "While elevated gastrin may..."

Hi Colleen,
Thank you for the response and information. It's hard though reading it could be this or that. Just makes my anxiety worse. But no I take no ppis, no antacids. I got the results late morning on Friday. I immediately messaged them cause I was nervous as it seemed high I didn't get a response till almost 430 the nurse asked if I fasted I responded yes I did and I didn't hear back. So I assume I'll have to wait until Monday at least I just don't understand they didn't reach out all day on Friday if it is elevated. It doesn't really give me a good feeling

I take no PPI ‘s , I don’t believe in them . I did try them years ago .

They are not meant for long time use . Thanks for the info .