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Welcome to the NETs Group! Come say hi.

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Hello @beech18bob and welcome to Mayo Connect. I really appreciate you sharing your story about your experience with NETs. Your example of getting a second opinion is so very important. Almost every insurance will allow a patient to get a second opinion and your story shows just how important it is.

Since your surgery, have you had any problems with eating, diarrhea and/or weight loss? If you are comfortable sharing more, what type of surgery did you have? Was it invasive or laparoscopic?

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Followup answer:
My invasive surgery (I’m a relatively healthy 80 year old man) was for a small bowel obstruction on July 1, 2022. It was “laparotomy general surgery” (large incision). The surgeon removed a well-well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumor with a 1.2 cm greatest dimension. Tumor was also present in 1 of 6 lymph nodes. He removed 19 cm & 5 cm segments of bowel in a resection of distal jejunum.
Staging: pT2, pN1, pMx. I came home on July 10. For 6-8 days at home I had night sweats and then they stopped. I have had no other symptoms since then, no diarrhea, weight loss, eating or sleeping problems and no pain. I feel fine other than some arthritic back pain that isn’t new. Twenty-five years ago I had prostate cancer and a radical prostatectomy. I have been cancer free since then and remember as a PCa support group president advising newly diagnosed PCa men to strongly consider second opinions concerning treatment options. Fortunately I took my own advice or I might currently be undergoing unnecessary Octreotide treatments. I appreciate the NET Group postings as I have read them since my diagnosis and learned a great deal about NET. It's a very important service about this uncommon cancer.