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Hope: Starting Calmare scrambler therapy

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Well the search will have to continue. I am told in all their yrs that I am their 1st patient to get zero relief from this therapy, lucky me. In their opinion I must be dealing with some kind of structural problem , last ortho doctor said it has to be nerves. Who knows but I will keep moving and searching there must be an answer out there PEACEFUL HOLIDAYS STEVE

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Steve – what a bummer to hear! I'm sorry you didn't receive the benefits you were hoping for. How disappointing. At least you tried and now can chalk it off your list.

The sad part of a chronic pain journey is that we all just hope for relief and many times fall short of finding it through medical interventions. Medications can do just so much, then it kind of falls back into our laps with acceptance and lifestyle changes. That's been my journey anyway.

I'm not sure where your at in your journey, but maybe listening to Dr. Sletten from the Mayo Clinic talk about chronic pain may help a little.

I've posted his video quite a bit on Connect so please forgive me if you've already watched. Its pretty good stuff and gave me the confidence to make serious changes in my life.

Do you have another plan of action? Are there any treatments you have not tried yet that you have hope for?

PS: Happy Holidays to you as well!!!