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Estradiol levels with AI

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Half life of Anastrozole is 50 hours!

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So that means there is still some circulating Anastrozole until as long as 4 days after the med?
I am sure my surgeon/oncologist would not be happy with me, but I am just starting out with Arimidex and am taking the pill every other day (and even skipped more days this first week).
It seems logical that different doses would be necessary depending on things like body size, amt of circulating estradiol, etc, rather than one size fits all....
I wonder how one can get the very sensitive test of circulating estradiol done, as was apparently done in the study? Maybe I would have to get in to see an endocrinologist??
In another study, it was found that women trying to get pregnant did not have any more recurrences (compared to control group) when stopping adjuvant therapy for as long as 2 yrs, at least at the 3-year follow up period.
All of this is food for thought!

Given the relatively long half-life of anastrozole, and my low BMI, I am taking it every other day. My oncologist says that taking it as I am is better than not taking it at all. He has written in his medical notes that I am taking it on alternative days "by preference." I find that the side effects are somewhat reduced but estrogen deprivation still takes its toll. An official study on dosage for all AIs would be great. There was a small Italian study on low-dose tamoxifen that found that 5mg was as good as 20mg for prevention and reducing adverse SEs.