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Radiation and Invasive Lobular Cancer

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So happy to hear your surgery went well and that you were able to get into that study! May I ask where you received your radiation? I'm thinking it was proton beam if you were able to have only one session. I am almost a week out post lumpectomy and was very relieved to hear that my node was negative. The area removed was slightly under 2cm and I meet with oncologist next week to decide on treatment plan (still waiting on oncotype). I was told upfront that std protocol for lobular was radiation daily for 4-6 weeks followed by 5 years of antihormone pills. In Boston, there is only one proton beam center and I doubt it would be available for me but I am going to inquire.
Thanks again for sharing!!

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I received radiation at Siteman Cancer Center, part of Washington University in St.Louis, MO. I was originally told radiation 5 consecutive days. Was so happy to do it only once! I have no burned skin with only one treatment. Had some soreness for about a week so not bad at all. I will be followed by rad oncology and med oncology for at least 5 years. I also am taking Exemestane with absolutely no side effects. I chose that aromatase inhibitor because it is steroidal and is more bone protective than the others. I was diagnosed with osteopenia prior to my breast cancer diagnosis!