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@julievansickle. Hi. I also have this. Did you ever get blisters? I do and i hate the clobetisol so much bc to me it stinks to high heaven. I dont use it every day like i used to and now i have scars. Toward the end of my marriage i couldn't even have sex. Im 65 and i know i will never again know the closeness that being in love can bring. It makes me so sad. I try to tell myself if that man is the right one it might happen. But you have to tell that man at some point in the beginning of your relationship about your condition right? How would someone find the courage to do that?
Sorry for bending your ear.
Best of luck, Judy

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I find it odd that you find that Clobetasol smells bad. I have used it for many years and it never has any odour at all either just out of the tube or after applied.

My best friend divorced after 42 years of marriage and she's suffered with this for decades now.

She met someone on Match.com and soon told him. As with most men of "a certain age", he was unable to perform sexually.

They had a beautiful beach wedding and have been married 5 years now, currently 73.

Don't give up hope. Put it right in your dating profile that you are not seeking a sexual partner for yourself but a demonstrative loving partner relationship in every other way. There are so many men, again, in our age range that cannot achieve erections because of the aging prostrate.

Good luck!!!