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Should I pursue a TBS score?

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Hi all:

Has anyone had results that have included both a DXA and TBS score, where the TBS actually affected the recommended treatment? In other words, would your doctor have recommended the same course of treatment based on the DXA alone? (I understand the TBS score measures the strength of the bone. ) Does the TBS score provide additional information for treatment or is it primarily for diagnostic purposes?

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Hi @inthemoment, I can't answer your question, but I can share a little of what I understand about TBS, from hearing experts like Sara Meeks and Dr. Loren Fishman talk about it. TBS it measures the quality of bone vs quantity (as measured by the DXA scan) and is an indicator of bone health. There was a paper published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Vol 31, No. 5 May 2016, pp 940-948, "A Meta-Analysis of Traebecular Bone Score in Fracture Risk Prediction and Its Relationship to FRAX." It is highly technical, makes this point, "The question arises how many patients would be reclassified from low risk to high risk and vice versa with the consideration of TBS alongside FRAX or other risk instruments." It concludes"TBS is a consistent and significant predictor of fracture risk and provides information independently of FRAX...The findings of the study support the use of TBS as a standalone assessment of fracture risk, and using adjustnents from the Manitoba cohort, as a post hoc adjunct to risk assessment with FRAX."

I would jump at the chance to f get a TBS for a more complete picture of my bone health, but unfortunately, it's not available where I live. I hope this helps you.

If it changes the diagnosis it changes the treatment.