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Am I a Unicorn? Symptoms move throughout the day

Neuropathy | Last Active: Dec 7, 2022 | Replies (8)

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I don't think about it much. I never have 2 days the same. Some days the bottom front of both feet are completely numb and the next day it may be the outside of my left leg. Some days it's my fingers on the left hand the next day it's my left forarm (never the right). My stuttering seems to go with moods and stress. Some days I am elmer fudd and some days it is clear and concise.
I just go walking and go with the flow. Whats my choice anyway.

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Thanks! I agree with go with the flow and practice that 2.5 years in. I brought it up because pain is increasing again beyond what my home grown supplement regimen can cover. That may mean talking to a doctor again and getting strange looks like I am crazy. Mayo in AZ didn’t want to get a definitive diagnosis last time and wanted me to go straight to the pain clinic – I declined. How can you effectively treat something if you don’t know what you are treating? My own accidental finding that steroids cancel all pain should mean there is more to understand before defaulting to the pain clinic.

Yes, John, I believe you have the right attitude here. Our choices are not much and we should in all likelihood be grateful for what we don't suffer from, particularly in our senior yrs. I am happy I have survived breast cancer over the 10 yrs since I had surgery; my neuropathy does bother me but the PMR is much worse and taking prednisone has its consequences too. I just hope this condition recently diagnosed will go into remission and I can get off prednisone.

Will be going back to the neurologist shortly with a similar story. Hard to habituate to symptoms when they are continually changing. Mine is always the feet, but sometimes arms and hands but sometimes not. Othertimes it feels like my whole body is plugged into an electric socket. Who knows?