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Ascending Aortic Aneurysm and Exercise

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I agree — one has to read any part you are interested in multiple times — at least I did. I found pretty much everything I needed in the first chapter. You may also.

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uPDATE: I can’t say thank you enough… you helped me save my own life… those are my surgeons words. Since reading the update on size qualification dropping from 5.5 to 5, I saw my surgeon shortly after this, expressed how nervous and anxious I was about this ticking time bomb in my chest ( recent measurement 5.17) and that I was finding it difficult to go day by day with this worry, so he consented that yes in fact he would
Proceed with surgery. So, as part of the pre- surgical testing, I had a heart cath, which found a significant blockage (87 %)…therefore my aortic aneurysm repair surgery added a by pass procedure as well. I had open heart Surgery on 1/11/23, I was in the hospital a full week, and am now home recovering. THANK YOU AND THANK GOD for giving me that article and guidance. I saved my own life. I’m am 54, 128 pounds and in relative good shape, having regularly worked out 3-4 days a week. Then I worried about working out and stopped all together because I was too afraid. I hope this can help someone else advocate for themselves. If you are living every day in panic and anxiety like I was, please advocate for yourself- be pushy- do what you have to do. I’m so thankful for this article and being armed with it to advocate for myself , because I saved my own life.