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I use Lamictal off label for neuropathy pain. It has helped a great deal. As far as a mood stabilizer it has not one thing to improve my mood.

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@dianecostella, @mariajean03, @tmtm4 and all...I had epileptic seizures for most of my life, since childhood. After many years of multiple medications that turned me into a zombie, rotted my teeth and gums, and caused changes in my personality and more, my doctor put me on Lamictal, about 15 years ago. It was a breath of fresh air. No horrible side effects lessened seizures and I became so much more myself.

I have had worsening peripheral neuropathy for years. Lamictal did help reduce the symptoms. I think the mood stabilization was a nice side effect. No, not bipolar, but do have depression and anxiety due to life events. It helped with those issues.

Now, I have no more seizures, am off Lamictal completely for a couple of years, as well as no more Neurontin, Lyrica, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, or any other strong brain drugs for pain or other issues. Now, I take Cymbalta and love it! It does help with peripheral neuropathy and depression.

It's important for us to remind ourselves our doctors are helping us with our health issues. We are in control of the process...therefore, we must be our own health advocates. Ask specific questions and wait patiently for full answers. Your body. Your health. Important for you to know what's happening, what are your diagnoses or suspicions, what drugs you are given, and for what reason. There's no reason for a doctor to hold back the diagnosis of bipolar. If I have it, I want to know so I can deal better with my life, my symptoms, and my health. Knowledge is power. I think we must treat our physicians as partners in this health journey to work together to better understand and handle whatever is happening.

So, get busy taking control of your own health, and your life. What a joy it is to have a team of doctors and others working together for our best health. I've found this new way of living since becoming a Mayo patient several years ago. What a remarkable difference, and improvement.
I hope you find answers as you walk this journey. Be blessed. Elizabeth