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@babsg1, I'm not a medical professional and have no training but I think it just boils down to having symptoms from COVID more than 30 days. Here's a few articles on the topic:

"Your healthcare provider considers a diagnosis of post-COVID conditions based on your health history, including if you had a diagnosis of COVID-19 either by a positive test or by symptoms or exposure, as well as doing a health examination."
-- https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/long-term-effects/index.html

-- Do I Have Long COVID? Here’s How to Tell:

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Thanks John, Volunteer Mentor. I was hospitalized with Covid in October 2021. I had pnuemonia and was on oxygen while in the hospital. Now I have scarring in the lower areas of my lungs. The scarring was found after having xrays and CT scan since I left the hospital. The article validated what I thought. I have a number of symptoms relative to long Covid. Horrible fatigue, brain fog although that is lifting a little, muscle aches, headaches, etc. Thanks again for sending the link to Long Covid. I hope eventually I can have more energy to do the activities I loved to do before Covid came along and grabbed me.

What if you have a primary care physician in the pocket of insurance and or heaven forbid, our government? I've had long covid from my initial infection on May 7th 2022 till today. I got him (PCP) to do an x-ray on my hip for the intense pain in my replaced right hip. Said x-ray showed bone deterioration in my right hip so he prescribed a scan of my left hip for osteoporosis (left hip because the right hip replacement (metal) would negatively affect the scan) - gave me the good news that I didn't have osteoporosis. I still have the bone deterioration and the pain is more intense than ever but nothing to follow up on their causes. I'm into my 8th month of Covid symptoms and other than one x-ray that says I have bone deterioration in my right hip, but it's not caused by osteoporosis (scan of my left hip eliminated old age as the cause of my pain). Oh yes, I also saw a neurophysiologist who thinks I'm moody. ten months into total hell with pulmonary, gastric, nerve pain, joint pain, brain fog, imbalance, fatigue and I still have all the pains but NOT! osteoporosis. I am a little moody too - I wonder why?

If it helps I went to the Denver National Jewish Long Covid Clinic after 9 months of symptoms but I never had tested positive for COVID and the doctors there had no problem with thinking I had long COVID because my story of symptoms was so similar to others. They suspected that I either had an asymptotic case or a post viral syndrome that was triggered by another virus.