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I also have lichen planopilariasis confirmed by scalp biopsy. I still have it. I received steriod shots in the affected areas of my scalp plus I received a prescription for a steriod cream-Betametasome. I use it every day, finally some tiny hairs started growing but my LPP has moved on to new places in my scalp. I got a refill and have been using it in the new areas. I also have a upper respiratory illness for over a month, so I have not been back to my dermatologist. I made another appt for the respiratory illness, right now, it takes priority. I have drunk a lot of fluidsl had many antibiotics and steriod pack and still can't get over it. Before using the ointment on my scalp, it felt like my scalp was on fire! Have you had that feeling??

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I'm sorry and hope you recover from respiratory soon. Two dermatologists Said lichenplanopilarus and looks like frontal fibrosing alopecia ..female pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. I get first biopsy in a few weeks..YES my scalp so tender and feels inflamed like on fire..thank you for sharing your treatments. As soon as I see the specialist I will share his recommendations for me. It's a devastating rare condition that I'm told is chronic lifelong and can change move to other areas.

My scalp itches like crazy and is red and inflamed. I am losing hair by the hands full I got a refill for the shampoo I was using a year ago and hope I curtail some of the hair loss.

My scalp always is red and inflamed. Also itches like crazy. It is a devastating thing to loss massive amounts of hair every day! I hate washing my hair to see even more hair loss. I use the medicated shampoo that seems to do nothing😥