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Mary6756--Hi AlisonO, I was diagnosed 35 years ago with IBS and Gerd. In reading about all the gut issues IBS includes, I suspect that I have diverticulosis...My Mother had issues her whole life, and now that I am older, many of her symptoms fit me. I am gluten free (for the most part) and lactose-free as well as acid-free(for the Gerd) These diet changes improved my gut health immensely. In my case, stress causes issues as well. I have had only one bad bout with diverticulitis a little over a year ago, and do not want to go through that again. I started back to eating with cream of rice cereal, bananas, eggs and well cooked vegetables. I don't eat anything pre-packaged, trying to limit preservatives and other unwanted additives. I added things to my diet, like baked or broiled chicken, potato and salad-no tomato, adding 1 thing per week if tolerated. Gradually working up to a balanced diet with the addition of fruit. I have found that any sugars are not in my best interest. I am looking into starting a probiotic for gut health as well. A nutritionist might be of help! You might try a low fod-map diet to see what works for you. There are lots of articles you can read online in regard to this subject. I wish you well, on your road to recovery!!!

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Thanks. I am on Fodmaps. I am shifting on the 12 th and that’s a problem
Yesterday I started on an antibiotic which immediately made me sick. Dr took me off and now I am just taking Fortisip. I am in a lot of pain and both the chemist and the dr don’t work weekends.i live on my own ….
I’ve got all the things you’ve got but I’ve never had diverticulitis before. My daughter who lives 5 hours away thinks I should be up and walking. What do you think. I’ve had this for five days.