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Pellegrino - could it be the cause for MAC?!

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@ale3300 – That is an interesting question.
Here is my (non-scientific) opinion –
San Pellegrino water is from a deep well source, and tests negative (undetectable) for most pathogens, but I couldn't find whether they tested specifically for mycobacteria. There has never been any speculation that I can find about NTM in SP water.
SP it is a carbonated and sweetened beverage, so there could be a different correlation. If she had GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux) carbonated beverages can make it worse, causing stomach contents to enter the lungs via aspiration. If she was drinking a significant amount of sweetened SP, she may have been contributing fuel to the infection through reflux as well. So – one possible correlation.
But, being on meds daily, the typical time to a negative culture is about a 6-12 months. This fits the time frame for her conversion from positive to negative, so it could be just a coincidence…

This is an annoying infection with so few sure answers, it can make you crazy trying to figure the source. I stopped trying when my ID doc pointed out that NTM is everywhere, so unless you live in a bubble, it is impossible to avoid completely.

How is she doing with the treatment? With 5 negative specimens, it seems like the end is in sight for this treatment!

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Hi Sue,

Thank you so much for your response!

Reading your answer actually makes it all make sense- you’re right, it probably wasn’t the water itself but rather GERD – especially since she would chose to drink this even during her daily workout!

It has certainly made us all crazy in terms of trying to find the root cause.

My mom has been nebulizing daily, taking the antibiotics as well as a bunch of vitamins and supplements including the ones well discussed on this forum like colloidal silver and NAC.

As far as treatment, she’s been doing very well – thank God! She has had some tiredness but thankfully nothing bad enough to force her to change her lifestyle from before the medication.

Thank you so much for asking! She is visiting NJH this month and we’re all hopeful the end is near as long as she continues testing negative and the cavitation in her lung shows signs of shrinkage or at the very least no new growth.