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Yes, I am worried to start warfarin. With the diet restrictions and vit k level adjustments. I was also chatting with a mate who is a doctor in Australia, he was telling me that European countries have been already giving another type of anticoagulant for APS, which has lesser restrictions and lesser side effects.

Pls enlighten me.

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I have several autoimmune diseases over many years, beginning in 1972. I was diagnosed with APS a year ago so just keep adding to the list! I was already taking Pradaxa because of two strokes 5 years ago, so feel I’m protected from clots for now. However, I needed a tooth extracted recently and bled very little, which is concerning but so far docs are telling me not to worry as med levels are fine. Most important is taking the Pradaxa every 12 hours to maintain that medicinal level. Not a problem. Otherwise I am careful on stairs, always use a rail even though I don’t need it and on uneven surfaces… just keep going forward.

I was worried to let my daughter start Warfarin (she's only 14), and she was on Riveroxban for a few months, for a PE, now Triple Positive APS (and Lupus), they wanted her to change to Warfarin. She began by 2 weeks of daily blood tests at the local hospital which wasn't great, that was over Easter holidays, now she is weekly or fortnightly blood tests. Her INR is stable, we make sure that she eats spinach, kiwi fruit, spring onions or asparagus etc every day, but not too much so we are aiming to keep her Vit K levels stable. It's very early days for her, and I'm sure the levels will be effected by various things.. but we think one day at a time! Best of luck with the transfer to Warfarin, I know its super scary, I fought like crazy and got 2 second opinions, but it seemed to us that the was better protection for anyone with APS.