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Pelvic radiation

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@redbird8857 This sounds just awful and must have a huge effect on your life. Walking a couple of miles a day is great and is a good form of exercise but you must be struggling to do this regularly given the diarrhea and fatique.

I had pelvic radiation (external beam and brachytherapy) for uterine cancer last year. I've been working with an Integrative Health physician and following her suggestions for dietary changes. Until I began those dietary changes my bowel movements were pretty normal. Now I have softer and more frequent bowels movements and occasional diarrhea that I'm pretty sure are related to my change in diet. I'm sharing my symptoms with you and wondering if you've changed your diet.

May I ask what kind of cancer you were treated for? I am asking because then I can figure out which group of members I can call upon to help to support you.

When is your next appointment with your oncologist?

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I am on 7 years of Remission from Stage 3 Uterine Cancer. I also had 3 abdominal surgeries (partial hysterectomy, full hysterectomy, and abdominal hernia repair and mesh).

I have, in these 7 years, experienced moments of food not going through my digestive track fully and end up with huge bouts of all-night vomiting and nausea. The only way I can stop these bouts is going to ER and getting Nausea and Pain meds via IV. It is awful!

After several years, I finally came to understand about Radiation Enteritis (my doctors all pointed these issues towards bowel obstruction, which is never the case because I have bowel movements and can tolerate food after 24 hours).
As far as my diet, I took a Food Sensitivity Test and found many foods I can't have and have since taken them out of my diet.

I am SO fascinated that you mentioned an Integrative Health Physician! How do you like it and do you feel that it has helped with your bowel movement issues and overall Gut Health?

I would love your insight! Thank you!