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You might look into a newer ADT drug called Zytiga (or Abiraterone ).
It is in pill form and is used in conjunction with Lupron. It has been very successful for me (so far). Zytiga is expensive but is available from the VA.
Non Veterans can look into grants or other means to afford the drug.
There are other Second Generation ADT Therapies that also have good results.
Good luck

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Just more FYI…. I took Zytiga in conjunction with Lupron for about nine years. The $15,000 monthly fee for the Zytiga was paid for by a charity organization. The Zytiga quit being as effective and so I’m now on Ebearla. It started off effective. But I’m starting year 14 and so have numbers for testosterone, running less than 100, with 650 being an average for a male not being treated. Occasionally, mine will be as low as 27. My PSA has been from .1 all the way up to 30. So I battle a different enemy. After my last bout of radiation, and the addition of many more minerals and vitamins, plus diet change plus prayer I have got my PSA back down in the 10 range. I’m hoping to see it below six, so then I can avoid chemical infusion treatment, which is what they want to do next, and where I will obviously be sick and lose all my hair and all my energy again. UGG.