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Hi @virtuous69,
It sounds like you and your husband are going through a lot right now and the biggest issue is that the pain and other symptoms are preventing either of you from getting good quality sleep which only makes the symptoms worse. I can imagine you are at your wit's end of trying to help someone who is unable and perhaps afraid to help himself.

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Hello you all. It is good to think that you think that this hypochondriack is still alive. How I can continue to be alive with all my new ailments (and great pains) is beyond me. NEW ONES: Cystic lesions on the mouth of the pancrease, blockages, gerd, and about three more pretty large medical problems. Cysts in the kidneys, pancrease, head, arms and legs. VHL syndrone? severe aortic valve stenosis, moderate mitral stenosis a fib, , ec., etc. Quite impossible but yet still able to walk and type until? What I think is keeping me alive is: After living in a large home which I labeled as "Solitary confinement with a back yard" I moved to a wonderful place that houses independant, assisted, memory care and rehab with physical therapy AND ETCS. Huge place with many activities and always someone downstairs (another resident) that will share the time of day. A heated pool . Also a boardwalk with resident alligator, huge turtles, fish, etc. Very encouraging. Happy Hour 3 times a week with live music and always some who will dance to the rhythm. The house bus to bank and shopping and also transportation to doctors, beauty parlors (One in house) ETC. Helps keep the mind off the inevetable. With best wishes until, Peach