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My 84 yr old husband is in horrible thigh pain rt leg. MRI points to tangled inflamed nerves in his back no blood supply entering his veins in rt leg. Cholesterol clogged at 100% and stent was placed near groin giving him 20 % blood flow. An elderly noted surgeon is famed for this artery transfer but our cardiologist wants to wait and have aortic anurysim and artery transfer done at same time when anurysim measures 5.5 mm before Medicare will pay for. Had thot this would be taken care if 3 yrs ago but the pandemic hit and surgeon left the country for awhile. Husband can barely walk now with his walker a few feet. Turning Ober in bed causes Hugh pain. No one is getting
Any decent sleep. Also has loud phlemy COPD COUGH. supposed to use nebulizer and inhaler.
Spine doctor suggests Lamenectomy procedure but husband too scared so will wither away in his chair 24/7 so other alternative is physical therapy to stimulate some strength in his leg. Pain is so bad, stubborn,
scared ,
does no exercise , so that hubby experiencing early dementia. I am at my whits end being his caregiver having spinal issues of my own.
Problem is all treatment referrals are pushed so far out.

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Hi @virtuous69,
It sounds like you and your husband are going through a lot right now and the biggest issue is that the pain and other symptoms are preventing either of you from getting good quality sleep which only makes the symptoms worse. I can imagine you are at your wit's end of trying to help someone who is unable and perhaps afraid to help himself.