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I am so glad to have found a board on a similar question I have about my lady bits too. I was curious if neuropathy can cause issues in that region as well. I was just recently diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet. It’s a side affect of my chemo treatments. Roughly 3 cycles in my feet were really starting to hurt really bad as if I had pressure sores on my heals. My toe nails is actually what first started acting up & then it spread. Like I described to my doc it felt as if I was walking on razor blades & as if my toe nails were being pried off.
Any ways I been noticing some other things popping up such as tingling in my hands, the muscle spasms in my thighs are starting to get a bit worse. But to get to my point & stop rambling, I’ve been feeling a slight burning & a bit of discomfort during intercourse too. I wrote it up as the chemo at first as it’s started me into the early stages of menopause due to the hormone blockers. The slight stinging near my opening & slight discomfort inside, I can handle & have been trying things to help with that. However another symptom is bothering me a great deal, I seem to have become sorta desensitized in the in between region. It’s like I can feel touch, but it’s super dulled all of a sudden & it feels like I am kinda numbed there. So I am wondering could this be the neuropathy or something to do with the menopause or heck even the chemo(chemo is bring on new side effects each time & im feeling more sick longer after each cycle). I know the desensitization is not due to too much sex, as my partner aren’t having sex like we use to before my treatments. My partner has been super thru it all too. Totally understanding, we communicate & have a solid & amazing relationship. So it’s nothing like that & it’s not something I believe is mental cuz the uncomfortable parts of intercourse are getting better with different sex positions, ways we are having sex & lube has help a bit. The slight sting that’s near the opening isn’t so uncomfortable that I’m focusing on it instead of the love making it’s self. Yeah I will admit I’m not my usual self & been under stress but the foreplay & oral before intercourse actually normally would totally relax me & are my favorite usually. The last two times in the last 2wks I’ve noticed the sorta numb but not numb feeling in the region & it’s frustrating. Frustrating cuz oral & foreplay usually always get me going if you know what I mean & nope cuz it’s as if I can’t feel it. I am going to talk to my doc about it & im going to talk to my hubby about it as well, cuz we always communicate about these things. But do you all think it could be the neuropathy?
Ty ahead of time of you answer.

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You may take a look at Lichen Sclerosis. I am not a doctor or a nurse. It is a skin condition of the female and also male genital area. It is not contagious. It is an autoimmune condition and is fairly common especially in women. I believe that most people have not heard of this. I recently was diagnosed and am looking for the most homeopathic and healthy food alternatives to correct it. The only treatment I have seen is a steroid cream that can help with symptoms but is not a cure. If you are diabetic the steroid cream can make your blood sugar spike high. This is not an option for me.
There is a fragmented laser treatment available that has not yet been approved by the food and drug agency so it is not covered under any type of insurance. It appears they have had really good results.
This condition needs to be talked about and researched way more than it has been. I believe many people could have this condition and not be aware of it. I wish you well.❤️