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I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma on Nov 14. I started with one episode of vaginal spotting in early October. Saw my gynecologist who scheduled a transvaginal ultrasound. Waiting for that took the longest. I had that on Nov 4, my gynecologist saw me immediately after the ultrasound. It showed my endometrium measured 10.5 mm, also a complex ovarian cyst, and uterine polyp. He drew a C-125 that day and scheduled the biopsy for 5 days later. C-125 was slightly elevated, he said to make an appointment with the gene oncologist. I got an appointment 12 days later. Did the endometrial biopsy, but the results weren’t back when I saw the oncologist. He was very upset with that and gave me some scenarios depending on the results. He told my gynecologist office to call the lab and tell them he wanted those results that day, as I had the biopsy 6 days ago. About 2 hours later my gynecologist called and gave me the results. The oncologist called me within 10 minutes and said I needed the hysterectomy, removal of tubes, ovaries, entire cervix and lymph nodes for staging. My surgery was scheduled 15 days later. So this week, , on the 30, I will be having surgery. My emotions have gone from panic attack to learning as much as I can. I have gotten cardiac clearance and clearance from my primary care. My primary care has helped me through this emotionally, but she knows me the best. The hardest part has been telling my daughter. She is adopted, and I adopted her as a single parent. My parents and all my siblings have passed. I just turned 65, and my daughter is 27. My primary care had me call her after I told my daughter, who lives and works 750 miles away. I am active in my church, and have a strong faith, but still have been struggling. My daughter will be home this Sunday to be with me during surgery and recovery. She has a significant other, but they are not married. She plans on staying through Christmas as she can work remotely. Her boyfriend may join us for Christmas. I am grateful to have found this group as I needed to be in contact with others going through the same thing. I just retired in September after 44 years as a nurse. I don’t know if being a nurse is of value or more hindrance. I know to much.

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@jlb333 Janis, I read your post in another discussion but noticed that you had posted here.

Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are a supportive group and other members in Gynecological Cancer will come in and provide their stories and support for you.

First let me say that I have been where you are right now. I had just retired in May 2019 and the diagnosis of endometrioid adenocarcinoma was made in July of that same year. Why is that when we retire and look forward to new adventures in our lives that such things pop up? It's not how I imagined the beginning of my retirement years. My question is rhetorical and there isn't an answer. It is the reality for me and you and a few other people I know.

The emotions that you are cycling through including anxiety and panic are what I felt and many others who have come here to Connect have shared. So I understand how frightened you are feeling. Does your mind settle down for a little while and then cycle back to this new reality? And then the anxiety spikes again? I'm hopeful that your endometrial cancer was caught very early. You got yourself into your doctor at the first sign of spotting and started the process of getting a thorough check. As a nurse for 44 years I can see why you are in a place where you feel you know too much. My partner is a retired physician and I think he was more frightened than me for the very reason that you stated.

This is way too frightening to go through on your own and so I'm relieved for you that your daughter and her boyfriend will be with you during your surgery and recovery and that your daughter will stay through Christmas. Your faith and your church family will also be by your side if not in person then in spirit and in prayer.

I will say a healing prayer for you on the 30th. How are you taking care of yourself and how are you feeling today?