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Low Testosterone

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Thyroid problems can cause heart palpitations, but not A-Fib.
What was your TSH? Did you start on thyroid hormone replacement at all?
A-Fib can make you tired. Are you taking anything to prevent stroke? Aspirin, plavix or Coumadin? I think if you haven't had a cardiology check up recently- I would go. A-Fib puts you at high risk for stroke.

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I started androgel about 4 weeks ago and started feeling better but my feet and ankles swelled up after a long car ride and the doctor said to stop taking it until he got back with me. 5 days later he said to reduce my dose from 4 pumps to 3. But I think the week without it sent me back to square one cause I feel horrible again. I was out of work for 5 weeks and started back this past tues and wed but missed again today. I don't know what to think.
My a-fib is under control with meds. I was just hoping this low testosterone was the cause of that. I take asprin every day to avoid stroke.
Not sure what TSH is but my free testosperone was 3.2 (low) and Testosterone Serum was 96, (low) and FSH was 3.7, normal, and Prolactin was normal also.

Does this help?

My brother took asprins every day like his doctor told him and he ended up with scars in his stomach and had to go on steroids so he could eat. Let me suggest taking serrapeptase, recommended by my doctor, which counters fibrigin in the body. He said fibrigin causes the blood cells to stick together and causes thick

Sorry to hear about your brother. Doesn't the coating on some of the asprin help prevent this?

Roush: Donno about coated aspirin, my bro never said. Took androgel for years n got good results. Stopped because of the expense. Now take PassionRX and after years of no-sex can now do it. It's sporatic and I can't seem to get the feel of it but I can get real hard-ons, not just soft-on like I was getting. Am 81 and most people I know stopped a long time ago. Have been having trouble ejaculating and only experience that about 1 out of 4 or 5 times. After 5 years of no sex it feels good just to stick it in hard. U can google PasionRX if u want. I'd look into serrapeptase if I were u, Dr's r now warning people about long term use of snaids (asprin like products).
Wish u well Roush: Newell

Sorry it took so long to reply. But I have to say I feel 100% better. The androgel works. I have also been off of my heart meds for over 3 months and no atrial fib episodes. I want to think that my low testosterone was causing my heart issues. I have no proof but after taking medication for atril fib for 15 years and now after being on andro gel for 1 year, I have not more heart issues. I really wonder if there is a correlation. I will look in to the aspirin replacement.