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Hello @larrycheng and welcome to Mayo Connect. It sounds as if you have a lot of questions regarding your treatment plan for NETs. Have you had an opportunity to speak with a NETs specialist? I would encourage you to see if you can get a virtual or in-person appointment with someone who specializes in this rare form of cancer. There are three Mayo facilities with NET specialists. If you would like to seek an appointment at Mayo, here is a link to begin that process, http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63.

On the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF) website there is a list of doctors throughout the world who are considered NETs specialist. I would encourage you to look at this as well.
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At the CCF website, you will also see information on follow up tests. There are also videos of doctors who specialized in NETs and you might find these videos a good educational tool.

larrycheng, are you open to seeking another opinion at this time?

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@hopeful33250 Thank you for your answer. I just saw the second opinion with NET specialist from MD Anderson.