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I starting bleeding mid May, and I don't think they thought it was much of anything so weren't even going to see me till mid July, however, my primary care person sent me to another gynecologist who saw me by 6/1, did a
hysteroscopy on 6/27 and then diagnosed with Figo 1 ad, and sent me to gyn oncologist, 7/14 who then did give me a written 6 week off from work, my thinking surgery would be done soon. I was never schedule for hysterectomy till 8/29, two weeks later went back to work, Feeling very good. I wish I had not been off so long waiting. I can only have 3 months off in a year or lose my position at work, so right now only have 3 weeks more left, but I sit some and walk some, was on a weight limit of 10lbs for 6 weeks after. I have now been given 1 chemo treatment took 4 days off after of vacation time, 2nd chemo treatment is this coming Monday, and with vacation time will be off till Saturday, work 1 day and be off my normal two days. Before going back to work. So, all I can say depends on how you feel I was having alot of pain prior to, but, everything takes alot of time. I will have 25 radiation treatments and 2 brachy after 6 chemo, because some of the cells were in fluid outside of serous so they are being overactive to make sure they don't start growing elsewhere. Hopefully, they have caught you sooner than they did me and everything goes quicker for you.

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Good luck with your 2nd chemo.