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I had 2 Vertiflex procedures which are similar. They seem to work well for a lot of people, but I was not one of them. These procedures are usually done by doctors other than surgeons, mine was an anesthesiologist. Unfortunately, he did not have that much knowledge of the spine anatomy. I have severe spinal CANAL stenosis, which at that stage cannot be be helped by the implants, and they may actually exacerbate the problem. After a year of pain and decreasing mobility, I went to an actual spine surgeon. Will have a laminectomy shortly. Suggest you get a second opinion from a spine expert. Good luck.

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Thank you for your input. We still are looking for a procedure that can help. Very hard decision.

Thank you for the recommendation this has been a tough decision to try and make. Still looking.

After nerve block, radio frequency, both sides, one si injection, bilateral hip bursa procedures, I had the minuteman lumbar surgery on Oct 10. It was the most painful procedure I have gone through with no improvement at all, in fact I feel I am worse off since the surgery.
The postop pain was agony, and I am still in discomfort all the time.
Both knees are giving me grief and I will probably need total replacements, but I doubt I could deal with both at this time.
Maybe I am just one of the unfortunate ones this does not work for.