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8 Months after TKR Serious Grinding

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I'm not familiar with this situation. I had success with having both knees replaced. Question - did you do all of the post-op stretching exercises - the ones that are boring, repetitive, and hurt somewhat? The only time I'm aware of scar tissue forming is if those exercises are not done. Anyway, you don't have to answer. Just be honest with yourself and your surgeon.

If you did all the post-op exercises, and I think you did because you say your ROM is good, this sounds like a one in one hundred problem where the patella prosthesis is not tracking in the groove in the femur or maybe the implant. I suppose that could cause scar tissue.

The last person to post seemed to have this problem and the scar tissue was removed with a scope. But if the underlying issue is an improperly aligned patella (or maybe a problem with the femoral prosthesis, then your surgeon is probably right and it's best to do another surgery to 1) remove the scar tissue and 2) fix the problem. I don't think this can be fixed with a scope.

Sorry, that's all I can think of. All the best to you in getting this fixed.


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Yes - I was very religious about doing all of the exercises - and still at 10 months I do exercises that the last PT gave me and do a lot fo walking and some yoga.
Quite a few things have happened in thelast couple of months. I had some "cupping" and acupuncture. The acupuncturist also showed mehow to do Graston technique ( some call it muscle scraping) to help break up scar tissue. I have been doing that as well. My surgeon ordered an xray to rule out "malrotation of the femoral component". Thank goodness that was ruled out!! After the xray report indicated "small join effusion", I started using a knee wrap - just an old one that i had around the house. That seemed to finally get rid of the last bit of swelling - just from the compression. I also have been using a brace and that seems ot help. I walk several miles most days and it is getting easier. But the grinding is still a problem. I can feel the lumps - which I assume are scar tissue - along the scar and when I bend my knee ( I have full range of motion) I can feel them above the knee cap. Hard to tell if they are in the patellar tendon - but that seems to be where it's really bumpy. And when I staighten my leg or stand up from seated position it really grinds and hurts!
Seeing another surgeon next week just to see if he has any insights. Also planning to go back to my orginal PT guy and see if he has suggestions. At my 1 year appointment Mar 3, we'll assess.