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So I had this pain 14 yrs ago, now having a recurrence and the same treatment is given. You may be under the impression that it is obsolete, but it is very effective. Injections into a nerve sound very painful, but luckily they are not.
There are some fancy-do-dah surgical procedures that actually remove part of the nerve…that would be the next treatment I have read about. I don’t think I’d go there–heard of the outcomes and I am not ready for that drastic measure.

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thanks for the post. my experience goes back about just that far with tn. a year ago, i finally gave in to a tegretol generic, carbamazepine—because the pain intensity and frequency was racheting up. The drug has worked fairly well, but the pain has begun to return in its ‘changing week to week’ ways. Has put me back in that old fear mode, and I’m pretty sure I need to find another answer before too much time goes by—so I greatly appreciate your post (it was my reason for signing up) and the possibilities it presents.

Please, please, tell me about the procedure you mention: injections into a nerve. What’s it called? Do Mayo people do a good job? Could it be done in Arizona for me (I understand they have a clinic there, and it’s closer to Oregon)? I share the strong dislike for the ‘cut it out’ surgical mentality, btw! Again, Thanks!

p.s. i had not read Zane’s post before sending mine out.