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Hello @kim2022 and welcome to Mayo Connect. While we wait for others to respond to your questions about this type of Neuroendocrine carcinoma as well as the chemo treatments, I was wondering if you could share a bit about the journey that led to this diagnosis.

For example, what symptoms were you having that began the diagnostic tests? Have you had a Gallium 68 PET scan? Are you seeing a NET specialist?

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On October 30th I went to ER for discharge from left breast. They did CT Scan with contrast. Doctor came in and said I had cancer. I was admitted to hospital for testing and discharged. The only further info I was given at that time was that it was through the entire left side and lower part of my lymphatic system. On November 5th went to Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and met with doctor where I was diagnosed with stage 4, high grade Neuroendocrine carcinoma with no active tumors and no known origin. I will go tomorrow to get a line put in and start chemo on 21st. I will meet with a gynecology oncologist surgeon on 16th to discuss removing my ovaries as I already had hysterectomy. They found two masses on right ovary and want to to do this surgery as precaution. On 17th they are doing PET scan to make sure they are no tumors that weren't found on CT or all the ultrasounds already done. They are also going to do an MRI to make sure it has not spread to my brain. I currently have NO other systems which is why this is all so stunning. They said the discharge was caused because the hormones in the breast are so active. Right now that is all the info I have.