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Here is what I was advised about metal purging – lots of water, exercise and healthy diet. Chelation for these metals is not a proven therapy. There have been suggestions to Use Vitamin C, EDTA and MAC (N-acetyl cysteine) but none has been shown to be more effective than removal of the source and time. Science may have a newer answer for you, but I haven't found any literature.

I am glad you are being fast-tracked back to health.

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Hi Sue, it’s me again haven’t been on “hips” in a while…mainly I can’t keep a straight thought. We’ve “spoke” b4. I’m sure you can look me up. I’ve done all the things you mentioned previously except C-EDTA & …the other. I’ll take any advice…I know my mind is wavering & not improving..
I see cognitive abilities fading away slowly. I don’t know what to do. It’s been 2 years since rev. Is there a point where there’s nothing to do, but sit & watch 1/2 your life & memories fade? Or worse, come back & wonder…”what was I thinking”?

Another source of information is: Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Metal-on-Metal Hip & Tribocorrosion Evaluation & Treatment. Yawkey Center For Outpatient Care. Suite 3B. 55 Fruit Street, Boston, MA 02114. 617-643-7436. http://www.massgeneral.org.