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Your crystal ball was spot on! After a year of bumbling about with the GP and Physical Therapy things have shifted into high gear.

The meeting with the orthopedic surgeon two days ago was excellent. He immediately told us that a revision was required and that he was going to be referring me to a speciality organization that only does hips and knees. The organization is in Denver, about a five hour drive east from our location (like you said, Colorado, a Mecca for joint repair!)

But before going to Denver he ordered two STAT tests in this area: an aspiration of the hip and a MRI with metal suppression. The aspiration occurred the next day with results twelve hours later. The MRI is scheduled for Saturday (three days from today) at the only hospital in the area with this capability which is an hour drive away.

In addition, a biopsy of my thyroid is scheduled for tomorrow. My earlier complaints of swallowing difficulty (possibly one of my metallosis related complaints) revealed issues on an ultra sound prompting the biopsy. I have asked them to include my metal levels in their considerations for the biopsy and resulting lab analysis…will see.

We are getting comfortable with this first part of the process…removing the MoM implant to eliminate the source of the metals. But the affect of metals on my mind and body are causing increased difficulty. I wonder how one can accelerate the purging of Chromium and Cobalt from the body…

Thank you for your support and guidance.

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Here is what I was advised about metal purging – lots of water, exercise and healthy diet. Chelation for these metals is not a proven therapy. There have been suggestions to Use Vitamin C, EDTA and MAC (N-acetyl cysteine) but none has been shown to be more effective than removal of the source and time. Science may have a newer answer for you, but I haven't found any literature.

I am glad you are being fast-tracked back to health.