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Has anyone heard of Kratom or tried it?

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@stuckonu Kratom has been discussed here in the past. There are many reasons why it is not FDA approved, not least among them that as an unregulated substance, usually imported and with no standardized testing, the customer has no idea what they are buying in terms of strength or purity.

Here is the latest opinion from Mayo Clinic with many references to other studies and sources:
Although it is technically legal in the US, due to concerns about addiction and abuse many states are taking steps to ban or regulate Kratom.

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I just posted a couple dozen comments Say king and I H, NIDA, HHS, Yale, WHO and more. The FDA is the outlier. I invite you to check out the information from these places I’ve commented. If you’d like more I have a couple hundred more, just ask

TY Sue, I think that thinking about purposes for approval and regulations give most of us a sense of a QUALIFIED HIGHER POWER doing the best job that THEY can do, but the questions that need to be considered are in my opinion different for each drug being evaluated.
While skimming replies earlier today I read one person posing a question about CAFFEINE and I believe the same person named a few other obvious questions that if nothing else cause some ( me ) to think about all aspects of weighing/measuring/considering what counts and how to agree on what and how to measure things.

Fentanyl is FDA APPROVED! If we do a comprehensive study of ( name a dozen medications ) what are the processes procedures, methods, and policies that goes into the final assessment?

If the seal of approval is all that matter for us to feel confident taking a medication doesn’t the placebo affect need to be considered as, at least a possible booster to the effectiveness of the drug on its own?

I purchased capsules then read pages about it so FEAR came over me and I let it sit unopened for a year. Then I watched a documentary about Kratom with live demonstrations. My fear subsided and I tried it and was VERY PLEASED with the results.

One of the most interesting aspects of the leaves is that it possesses both a pain suppressant and a stimulant affect in smaller doses

PS I cut back on the # of oxy that I’ve been on for years!