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@whengzy19 Getting this news from your gynecologist and then waiting for the oncologist referral is frightening. Of course you are very anxious because you don't yet know what is going on. You've come to a good place and you will get lots of support from the members of this discussion group.

Did your gynecologist give you an idea of what kind of cancer this might be? There are many different types of gynecological cancers including more than one type involving the same structure. For instance, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, endometroid adenocarcinoma, but that's is just one type of uterine cancer. If you have some information please let me know and I can post some resources for you to read.

In your last sentence you mention acceptance. That's a challenging concept, isn't it? Once I realized how much my gynecologist cared about me, got the referral going quickly, and followed up with me, his support helped me to understand that I wasn't alone in this. That helped me to move toward acceptance and not get too attached to a particular outcome. I began to understand that I would be okay in the hands of my cancer care team.

I was older than you at the time of my diagnosis (68) and had a good diet, never smoked, didn't use alcohol, exercised and was a healthy weight. I had kept up with all the screenings and medical appointments over the years. And yet there I was. Diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Even my gynecologist thought I had no risk factors which was why he was so shocked at the diagnosis when he got the pathology report. There comes the acceptance again. I didn't like the reality but I had to figure out a way not to argue with it.

Will you come back here and let me know what you hear from oncology and when your appointment is scheduled?

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Hi Helen,
Thank you so much for your response!
My symptoms started on 2019, where I’m having my period twice a month with feeling heaviness on my pelvic area. I consult this to my family doctor and undergo for abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound. Results came that I have fibroids. So my doctor suspect that it’s stress and early symptoms of menopausal. After few months of having periods twice a month, it stop. So me thinking 🤔, yeah maybe early symptoms of menopausal.
Then this year start on January start the blood spotting, never missed a day with spotting. Consulted my family doctor by month of April, he still saying probably one of the early symptoms of menopausal since I’m nearly 50’s. And he scheduled me for another transvaginal ultrasound and blood chemistry. Results came still fibroids, didn’t see anything wrong. Blood chemistry results, my hemoglobin level are on a below lower level. He do the Pap smear and got the results “ atypical glandular cells of endometrial origin “. When my family got this results right away he did the endometrial biopsy and referred me to specialist or gynaecologist. October 25 meet the gynaecologist and do colposcopy and biopsy. October 31, results came for my endometrial biopsy :
endometrium Adenocarcinoma November 7 colposcopy biopsy results out, gynaecologist called me and say that he’ll need to referred me to oncologist because the cancer cells are within the deeper of the middle section. He didn’t explain it to me well what does it means, he just said that once the oncologist contact you, will explain it to you everything. Oncologist will perform also a total hysterectomy through laparoscopic procedure and from there will tell you what treatment is next after they examine the specimen taken out from your body.
So far, that’s the only info I got . Still on waiting for oncologist.