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Yes, me too. My story is on here somewhere, but quickly; I had Covid BAD a bit less than two years ago and persistent asthma was my long-Covid gift. A notable pulmonary group here in Atlanta has given me every imaginable test and they have been resolute in their diagnosis. Fast forward one year and ten months, I am GREATLY improved; no SOB ever and there is nothing physical that I can’t handle (which is remarkable considering that I could barely walk 10-feet at one point). Yet I still produce excess mucus at times (this still comes and goes). And I’ve weaned off most of the meds, save for a steroid inhaler (that I now use only every other day). So yes … Covid can yield asthma and I suggest that it could take some time to settle. I was told up to two years (and that seems to be the case for me).

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Reply to otter 2154: This is very encouraging. I was diagnosed with asthma 3 months after covid. Thank you!

I’m wondering, did you have pneumonia when you had covid? Did you have any history of bronchitis or pneumonia in your past?

What are you using for the thickened throat mucous? I have been dealing with it for 2 years now. I try to clear my throat constantly but I cannot.