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Hi @gigirambo and welcome to Connect. Indeed, this forum is still open. Have you been diagnosed with pachymeningitis?

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Yes, Was diagnosed first of April. Had been suffering with headaches that became more and more severe. My internist prescribed a CT scan and immediately sent me to the ER. A lumbar puncture was done and I was admitted into the hospital for more testing. Had MRIs – with & without contrast- and was started on antiviral meds as they weren't sure what my diagnosis might be. After release from the hospital, I was prescribed steroids for approximately 2 weeks and referred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Ga for further testing. Met with a Neurologist there that wanted all MRIs done once again….and concurs with the original diagnosis of Pachymeningitis.
Headaches have lessened in severity and manageable with OTC meds ( but can't lean over as pain becomes severe) I am to return to Emory in 3 months to have MRIs repeated. My question is what should I be doing to lessen the chance of this getting worse again and if diet, supplements, etc might help in treatment? I understand that there is not much info on this condition, but feeling like I'm on a roller coaster. Dr.s have told me to take it easy and rest over the next several months and avoid stress as much as possible. Trying !

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