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@avc529 With as serious as Covid can be for the lungs, it makes sense that it can cause asthma. Years ago, I had numerous respiratory infections within a year, and the doctor said that it may have been pneumonia after a chest X-ray. That left me with permanent asthma, and as I developed allergies to seasonal pollen and molds, it became allergic asthma. This might not be what you want to hear, but since Covid causes a type of pneumonia, it can scar the lungs. That diminishes lung function, so prevention of illnesses that can induce more scarring and fibrous tissue in the lungs is important. If the lungs don't expand properly and move, it can trap phlegm causing more problems and loose efficiency for absorbing oxygen.

I knew that I would be high risk for Covid because of asthma and my age, so I have taken a lot of precautions. When your lungs are reactive, it helps to identify and reduce your triggers. I do allergy shots which lowers my body inflammation. I have identified foods that trigger asthma and avoid them. I use antihistamines and expectorants if I have phlegm. An inhaler works too, but an expectorant can prevent needing an inhaler if used when the problem begins. I also use HEPA filters in my home. Those need to be maintained and media changed, as well as high quality furnace filters, and keeping the home clean. Your lungs have to deal with everything that is inhaled including dust, smoke, air pollution particulate and any chemical exposure from fragrances, cleaning products, solvents, or formaldehydes in building materials. There are safer cleaning products. It becomes a big problem when your lungs are reactive. It does help if the bedroom is a "clean room" with HEPA air filtration while you sleep , so your lungs get a break.

What steps do you think will help you by making changes in your home environment?

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I am starting to notice these things. I painted a bathroom with latex water-based paint and noticed I needed my inhaler at night because of trying to catch deep breaths. I have been vaccinated and boosted. My primary doctor asked if I had asthma as a child, or grew up around secondhand smoke. No asthma as a child, but my dad was a heavy smoker and I grew up in the 60’s with that issue. Bad for developing lungs. Thank you for your response. I plan on changing more cleaning products and will assess other household contributors. Thanks, again.