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I had a total hip replacement using the DuPuy. I got a call from the surgeon 3 or 4 years later telling me the hip was recalled due to heavy metals getting into the blood. For three years blood was monitored and the cobalt and chromium levels kept increasing. Then in the 6th year post op they doubled.
I consulted with three surgeons. Two said they would do revisions when they thought necessary and that they would have to go in through the long scar on the side of my hip.
The original surgeon, who is in our small rural town but was trained at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, said he could do it right away and he could do it from the front with minimal incision.
All went great, and 6 weeks after surgery my cobalt and chromium levels were back to almost zero. The numbers were never very high but my concern was that they were going up quickly.
I hope you are able to get a revision soon and get it out of your body. It was worth it for the peace of mind.

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Thank you for sharing.

It has taken me a year pushing and prodding my local rural medical provider as I tried to find out what was happening.

Only because we did the research and found out about the failures and toxicity of the prosthesis are we getting somewhere. (My Dr. would probably have ordered another course of physical therapy!) They had not heard of MoM problems and did not know what blood tests to order! We researched the issue and told them what tests to order. As soon as I get this issue resolved I will be finding a new provider. (end Rant)

I am looking forward to getting rid of this thing! I'll be seeing the first Orthopedic surgeon on Monday and expect that to lead to us seeking others. But it is a step in the right direction!