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@tim11 - Welcome to Mayo Connect. There are a few of us out here who have been through the heavy metal issue with our hips.
Typical guidelines are less than 7ng/ml for Chromium and less than 5ng/ml for Cobalt. Sensitive individuals can experience issues at even lower levels.

However, it is not the amount of heavy metal, it is how it is affecting/can affect your body & your health. Heavy metals can cause bone, muscle, tendon, organ and nervous system damage. I had pain, weakness in the legs, a host of nervous system & thyroid issues 5 years post-implant. My leg muscles & tissue we damaged to the point the surgeon described it a "gray, lumpy oatmeal." 11 years later I have indentations along the sides of my thighs that never really filled back in.

If someone suggests "chelation therapy" to remove the metal from your blood, please don't believe it - the implant will continue to shed more metal as long as you have it.

So, the question is, what led you to be tested? If you have any symptoms, you need further evaluation, and probably replacement of the implants. My surgeons were able to replace the ball, acetabular cup & liner, but leave the titanium shaft in the femur.

What have the doctors advised so far?

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Hi Sue,
My name is Jason Kraus. I had a metal on metal hip replacement nine years ago. Was a problem from the start, mostly pain in the joint. Fast forward almost a decade later my issues are dramatically worse, vision, tinnitus, clicking in my throat, dehydration, horrific headaches, brain fog, digestion, it goes on and on. I would love to talk with you as currently I am struggling to find help. I also came back with high iron and ferritin levels a few months ago out of the blue. I need as much information as possible. Please, please, please. Sincerely Jason