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The Patient Portal—Help or Hindrance?

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It's a great help. Is there room for a few improvements, of course, always will be. For me, we have "My Chart" and I love it!

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@becsbuddy, @artscaping, @gingerw, @larryh123, and all...

Well, my goodness. A great discussion about finally having access to our own bodies' information. Finally! I'm horrified at waiting weeks or longer to hear from your doctor with the results of testing, sometimes testing that may be life-changing. That's torture for many patients. And as I'm now experiencing, I had bloodwork done 2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten anything from my doctor that makes sense. Only a sentence from a nurse I don't know who obviously hadn't read my file nor even glanced at the messages I sent prior explaining some history with these issues. This is not my Mayo portal, but My Chart that's a new portal based on the Mayo design using the same company. Finally, they have a decent, working portal...but the offices must catch up with the system. The office staff isn't able to respond for some reason. So, I'm ready to go elsewhere for my PCP...

I'm actually considering a new primary care physician, even though I adore this doctor with whom I've worked for over 25 years because he's not responded to my direct questions re the test results on the portal. That isn't acceptable to me - I need answers.

You know, as a patient I spent decades attempting to get basic information and explanations about symptoms and tests. Decades trying to get doctors to hear me. Then, here came the Mayo Patient Portal and Connect! Wow! I was thrilled, and am still thrilled. No other system is so responsive, no other doctors are so open and responsive. I get many results by the time I get home after the testing.

You know, I've been on this health journey for so long, most of my life, and experienced some horrid doctors and poor systems. The change to Mayo was a huge breath of fresh air. In fact, I could begin breathing and living with less anxiety and stress. Mayo has saved my life and my sanity. I'm so thankful for the kindness and real caring exhibited by the Mayo staff and professionals in person and on the portal.

Yes, there is information available I don't understand, but I'm fully capable of researching responsibly, on legitimate sites, usually Mayo and Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, and such. I'm getting good info and the doctor either via phone or the portal messaging talks with me and I better understand the discussion. After all, it's my body, my tests, and my decisions and now I am a vital part of the discussion. Finally!

May you all be blessed as you walk this health journey and become even more of your own advocate with a good understanding of your issues. Blessings. elizabety